1491780_10152369743379197_5080029440165161544_nThe Coalition for Music Education has launched its Youth4Music –  a national movement  of young people who understand the importance of access to quality music education programs for all students.

2Through sharing ideas, resources, and successes and by working together with our schools and communities, youth can have a greater impact with a louder voice – a voice that cannot be ignored. We’re stronger together – so COUNT YOURSELF IN!

Locally-rooted, musically-connected, national network of youth

Y4M Community Events

Attendees of Youth4Music events are actively engaged in dynamic discussion (in small group and report-back methods) about the importance of learning music and music in their lives. Youth enthusiastically share success stories and explore ways to support more youth to engage in learning music in their own schools and communities.

“I will act as a ’face for music’ and its endless possibilities in my school and community! And create mediums that all people can have access to! Everyone deserves to have a chance to experience learning music if they want to”Ashleigh Sadler, Youth4Music event participant, Winnipeg MB (Oct 2014)

Youth4Music is funded [in part] by the Government of Canada.

In Ontario, Youth4Music is made possible by the generous support of Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant.