This is how we would like you to recognize……. Thunder Bay

“Eclectic – Innovative – Creative”

Thunder Bay is an eclectic, innovative, creative, culturally and musically diverse community.  The joining of Port Arthur and Fort William into the larger community of Thunder Bay has resulted in a popluation that creates solutions for the community’s benefit.  Thunder Bay is the home of the first Kindermusik studio in Canada and it is also the home of P.R.O. Kids.  Thunder Bay also has the most hockey players per capita and the most Finns outside of Finland.  With this diversity of activities and culture, Thunder Bay is an eclectic and busy community.  And the same can be said of Thunder Bay’s music community – a wide array of musical groups reflecting many cultures and interests are present in the community. Cultural choirs, children’s choirs and a youth orchestra, Barbershop, private instruction, an excellent symphony orchestra and chorus, and opportunities available through the schools are all finding an audience in Thunder Bay.

“My musical friends [feed me].  We do it without thinking.”


Our Successes

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Successes

  • Most High Schools have a band
  • Some High Schools have a jazz band
  • Some High Schools have a choral program
  • Leap Ahead Program for Grade 8 students
  • Talented itinerant music teachers working with music educators in the schools


Post-Secondary Successes


Community Successes


Music Community Successes




You ask about successes.  The success is that we’re still here.”


Our Strategic Plan


  1. Creation of a Hub or chapter group– linking with the Coalition for Education create a locally based group (hub) of music and community leaders to contribute their expertise to the prioritizing of music education in the community and support actions to strengthen and support activities. Within the Hub would be music education professors, music education students, music teachers in schools, conductors/performers, community groups – any sector interested in the benefits of music in the community.
  1. Invite missing leaders to a subsequent meeting of Wise Voices for Music Thunder Bay.



  • Engage multigenerations and community groups through music
    • Preschool programs being held at seniors’ residences
    • Plan a community event at the Auditorium involving hockey and music
  • Youth engagement
    • Create and support a space where youth came come together to jam
    • Organize a chamber soiree for solo pianists and solo instrumentalists
  • Geography
    • Use distance learning technology to shrink the geographical gap of the larger Thunder Bay area. Secondary benefits include – bridging the multi-generational and cultural gaps through music.


To get involved or find out more information about our plan, contact…..Jennifer at