Welcome to the Wise Voices for Music – Hamilton Action page. Information on this page reflects work that was started by participants at a meeting in October 2015 at The Gasworks. Participants shared community successes, began to identify solutions to address gaps and determined key priorities to help guide an Action Plan.

Here’s what you’ll find:
– How we would like you to recognize Hamilton
– Key ingredients that we think make Hamilton a vibrant music community
– Our Successes – (not an exhaustive list but it’s a beginning!)
– Our Strategic Priorities

This is how we would like you to recognize……. Hamilton

“Caring – Giving – Ambitious”

We have local Arts organizations in the community offering good music education which helps those who are passionate in the community seek out more opportunity.

We have an Arts consultant role in the school board which offers dedication to Arts education at the school board level.

We have wonderfully dedicated arts educators in the schools who go beyond their calling.

Hamilton Arts Council fosters and facilitates music education committee meetings to share what’s happening in music education.

Working to change the perception of the city by attracting quality musicians with opportunities for them to share their craft.

We have post-secondary music education programs in all our schools.

In a matter of seconds we could list a diverse group of Hamilton arts organizations, this says something.

“Hamilton recognizes the importance of music in the community”

We think these key ingredients make Hamilton a vibrant music community

  • Champion music educators in schools
  • Post-secondary music education is available at each university
  • Attraction of quality musicians to Hamilton
  • Hamilton music strategy encourages musical growth in the community
  • Lively community organizations working in the community
  • An established recording industry

Call to Gather

The Bay City String Quartet, played a variety of dynamic music including Mozart and an adaptation of Rhianna’s ‘We Found Love’. Musicians included Madeline Kay (violin), Jaedon Daly (violin), Maximilian Aoki (cello), and Domonic Kim (cello). This quartet is comprised of mostly senior high school students and the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Our Successes  – This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list but it’s a beginning!
Kindergarten to Grade 12 Successes ●      An Arts Consultant Role dedicated to the public school board, advocating for arts education, including music, in schools

Wonderfully gifted arts educators in public schools

Post-Secondary Successes ●      There is a post-secondary music program in each Hamilton university (McMaster University, Mohawk College, Brock University)
Community Successes
  • Local arts organizations in the community are offering music education opportunities to everyone
  • Hamilton Arts Council facilitates music education committee meetings with organizations in the community
  • Arts organizations offer music education opportunities for students to enjoy which are municipally funded and meant to improve and support the arts
  • Champions in the community are investing in additional musical opportunities for students and youth
  • Community music groups are aplenty
  • Musical group members are moving to Hamilton to further develop their career and becoming involved in the community
  • Students are coming to the universities to study music and staying after their education to be a musician in this city and a part of the community
  • There are many wonderful and well attended private music schools and conservatories
Music Community Successes ●      Local arts organizations in the community offering music education opportunities

●      Hamilton Arts Council facilitates music education committee meetings with organizations in the community

●      Arts organizations offer music education opportunities for students to enjoy which is municipally funded meant to improve and support the arts

●      Champions in the community investing in music opportunities

●      Community groups are aplenty

●      Musicians are moving to Hamilton

o      Students

o      Musical group members

●      Private music school, conservatories

Partnership Successes ●      Financial support is obvious with awareness for the Arts and understanding of the need and social benefit

Venues and Opportunities
  • A variety of music festivals available to students and music supporters of all ages in a variety of genres, including performance opportunities
  • Monthly Art Crawl at the James Street venue
  • World class visiting arts
  • Accessible venues for performance of larger and smaller artists and musical groups

Our Strategic Plan


  1. Develop a musical strategy and relationship with the public school board
  2. ‘Kid to Audience’, cultivate a love for music at a young age for the value to take hold during a life time


  1. Improve communication with school boards
    1. More ‘face time’ with the voices that matter at the school board level
    2. Engage more instructional time devoted to music education in the classroom
    3. Develop music strategy with school board
  2. Children creating the demand
    1. Teamwork with arts organization
    2. Develop partnership for needs of children as they grow to continue music education and development
    3. Increase funding to continue developing these musical opportunities
  3. Mentorship program to continue developing ‘champion’ music educators and leaders
    1. More support from university programs for succession planning
    2. Engage with successful artists coming to Hamilton
    3. Recognize quality music educator

Action Plan

Action plan is under construction….more to follow.

To get involved or find out more information about our plan, contact info@musicmakesus.ca


“Hamilton organizations are cooperative in doing music in all different kind of ways.”

“Musicians are moving here to work professionally, and students who have come here for music school are staying to work professionally and create new opportunities for others in Hamilton.”

“Hamilton is a music city of its own type and is moving ahead.”


Patricia Le Claire, Artistic Director (Hamilton Children’s Choir)

Anne Tennier, Board Member (Hamilton Philharmonic

Astrid Hepner, Founder (An Instrument for Every Child)

Russ Weil, Director (Hamilton All Star Jazz Band

Gillian Alexander (Hamilton Children’s Choir)

Jacqueline Norton, Music & Film (Hamilton City of Music, Music & Film)

Glen Brown, Music Educator

Zimfira Poloz, Conductor (Hamilton Children’s Choir)

Madeline Kay, Musician (Bay City String Quartet

Sharon Charters, Manager of Grants (Hamilton Community Foundation)

David Baldry, Musician

Coalition for Music Education in Canada

  • Holly Nimmons, Executive Director (Facilitator)
  • Anah Shabbar, Youth Coordinator
  • Ashley Boychuk, Administrative Assistant
  • Tyler Knight, videographer
Currently the highlight report is only available in English. Please contact info@musicmakesus.ca if you have any questions.’